Why is chlorella superior to other green products on the market?

Only chlorella contains chlorella cell wall and C.G.F. which are responsible for its detoxification and immunostimulation actions. Barley green juice, spirulina, alfalfa and any other green products do not have these unique features. Chlorella contains more chlorophyll by weight than any other plant, 5 times more chlorophyll than spirulina and 10 times more than alfalfa. It also contains 19 amino acids (building blocks for cell repair and maintenance) in its natural state. It is also the richest source of RNA and DNA among all known food substances; these nucleic acids are essential for repairing damaged genetic material in human cells, protecting health and slowing down the aging process. Chlorella has everything to make itself sustainable so that in a natural environment, each chlorella cell can live and reproduce rapidly by itself. It has tremendous life supporting energy and nutrients. All these unique features make chlorella one of the best health foods for detoxification, immunostimulation and normalization of body function. Also, more scientific researchers have been done on chlorella than many other health products to prove its effectiveness.