What makes Double Springs® Natural Chlorella different from other chlorella?

There are many brands of chlorella on the market. Most brands use the milling process to grind up the chlorella to break the cell wall to achieve a higher digestibility. During the milling process, it is exposed to oxygen and higher heat which may damage the nutrients. The Double Springs Natural Chlorella is one of the few brands that does not. We gently crack the cell wall, so all of the nutrients retain their original natural potency and digestibility. The Double Springs® Natural Chlorella is cultivated in a clean environment, with fresh water, and an abundance of natural sunlight without the use of any herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers or other harmful chemicals. Our manufacturer is one of the very few that meets the Good Manufacturing Practices (G.M.P.) Guidelines, is certified by the International Standard Organization (I.S.O.) and is one of the major suppliers to Japan, Canada and the U.S.A. Also, our chlorella is highly recommended by many health professionals due to its efficacy. So the choice is clear: Double Springs® Natural Chlorella.